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Am I eligible for a thimbl. loan? 

You can be eligible to apply for a thimbl loan if you:
  • Are between the ages of 20 and 75
  • Are a current UK resident.
  • Hold a current UK bank account
  • Have an income i.e. employed, self-employed or retired with pension
  • Are not in / do not plan to enter into a Debt Management Plan, Individual Voluntary Arrangement County Court Judgement or bankruptcy
Your eligibility is based on your individual circumstances. You can check your eligibility without any impact to your credit score. If you are not successful in your thimble. loan application we will present you with alternative offers. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

Will I be accepted for an unsecured loan? 

Before applying for a thimbl. Loan, you can check your eligibility to get a better idea of your chance of being accepted. If the details you have provided are accurate, then there is a good chance this eligibility check will reflect the likely outcome of your application. When assessing eligibility, lenders will typically review your credit report and look at your income, expenditure, employment status and other ongoing credit commitments to determine your ability to repay the loan.

What is a soft search?

A soft search is a way for lenders and brokers to check your creditworthiness without making an entry on your credit report. It does not affect your credit score and can give you an idea of your chances of getting approved for a loan or credit card. It is only visible to you on your credit report and can not be seen by other lenders on any future hard searches that are conducted.

What is a hard search?

When deciding whether or not to approve you for a line of credit, lenders will carry out a hard credit search to dig a little deeper into your credit history. This search will give them more detail on your borrowing and payment habits to see if you've used credit responsibly in the past. It's important to be aware that every time a lender carries out a hard credit search, it may appear on your credit report for a up to two years. Any other lender checking your report will be able to see this search and therefore it can affect your credit score. If you have too many hard searches in a short period, it may indicate to lenders that you are relying too much on credit or struggling to manage your finances.

What is Representative APR?

Representative APR is the annual percentage rate that 51% of customers have been offered for the financial product that is being advertised. It gives you an idea of the overall cost of the loan including interest and any additional fees. Representative APR is often used to compare different credit products and their costs.

How much money can I borrow?

You can apply for a loan with thimbl. for anywhere between £1,500 to £10,000. You can choose to apply for any amount you wish, however you could find it harder to get approved for a greater loan amount – particularly if you have a low income in comparison to the monthly repayments or have ongoing credit obligations.

I’m worried about my finances, what can I do?

If you are worried about debt or your personal finances, you can take the first step towards getting back in control with free, impartial advice from moneyhelper.org.uk or take StepChange’s Money Health Check at stepchange.org.

I am on benefits, can I get a loan? 

If benefit payments are your only source of income, you may find it difficult to be approved for a loan. Most lenders will not accept applicants who are unemployed. However, if you are in receipt of benefits in addition to a regular income from part or full-time employment, you may still be eligible for a loan.

I am a student, can I get a loan? 

If you are a student in full-time education, you are unlikely to be eligible for a loan unless you have a reliable source of income from employment.

I am unemployed, can I get a loan? 

If you are unemployed, it is unlikely that you will be approved for a loan. Most lenders will not consider loan applications where the applicant does not have a source of regular income to make repayments.

Can I get a loan to consolidate my existing debt?

A thimbl. Loan may be suitable if you wish to consolidate existing lines of credit. However, when looking for a debt consolidation loan, you should always consider whether the APR of the loan you are matched with is less than the APR of your existing debt. If you are accepted for a thimbl. Loan, the APR you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances. If it is lower than your existing debt, a thimbl. loan could help to make your debt repayments more manageable. If you wish to get advice on any outstanding debts please visit StepChange.

What will happen if I am unsuccessful in my application? 

If your application for a thimbl. Loan is unsuccessful, we will work with our Group partner Creditec Ltd and their panel of trusted providers to see if they can match you with a suitable quote for a personal loan. There is no obligation to proceed with an application If you are quoted.

How soon will I get my money after being accepted for a loan?

Once your application has been accepted, our partner Vanquis will present you with a Loan Agreement, once you are happy with the terms and conditions of the loan you can sign it online. You will then receive your funds, it can take up to three working days to receive the money.

Please can you explain what a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) is?

A CPA is a recurring debit card payment. Using your debit card details, a CPA ensures that your payment is made on time each month. If your debit card details change (for example, if your card expires, or is lost or stolen) and CPA is your chosen method of payment, it’s really important that you let our partner, Vanquis know as soon as possible. Keeping us up to date with your new debit card details means that you’ll never miss a payment.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

We aim to provide a very high standard of service to every customer. If you are unhappy, for any reason, with the service we provide to you we would welcome your feedback and the opportunity to put things right. Our service is of paramount importance to us, and if you’re unhappy with something, please reach out so we can try to resolve the issue. If your complaint relates to the application stage of the process, For more information on how to make a complaint and what to expect next, please contact thimbl. here

If you have a compliant regarding your Loan, you can call Vanquis’s friendly team on 0330 099 3129 (view Vanquis’s telephone numbers, opening hours and call charge information). For more information on how to make a complaint and what to expect next, please visit Vanquis’website.

I want to settle my loan early – is this possible?

Yes, it is. Should you wish to settle your loan early, Vanquis will reduce the total amount you have to pay them. Vanquis will provide you with a quote to show how much you would need to pay in 28 days’ time. The quote will include interest for the next 28 days however, interest is only charged up until the day you pay your loan off. If you settle your loan straight away, you will only be charged interest up until this point. Please contact Vanquis for more information.

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