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Apply for a Credit Card

How to apply for a thimbl. Credit Card

Check if you're eligible with no impact to your credit score
Personalised credit limit between £500 and £1,200
Check my eligibility

45.5% APR Representative (variable)

Subject to affordability
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Check to see if you are eligible for a thimbl. Credit Card before you make a full application, with no impact to your credit score.

First things first

Do your research and compare different types of credit cards to find your ideal match.

Could your credit score do with a bit of work?

The thimbl. Credit Builder Credit Card might be the card for you.

Use a credit builder credit card to make small, manageable purchases, and then make at least the minimum repayment each month. If you can comfortably afford to do so, try and pay more than the minimum amount due. In time, with sensible use, you may see an improvement in your credit score. For best results, use a credit builder credit card alongside other credit-building methods, such as paying your bills and any existing credit commitments on time, as well as registering to vote and making sure your credit report is up to date. Spotted any errors? Contact your credit reporting tool and ask for it to be corrected.

Want to know more before making an application? Head over to our blog for a guide on how credit cards work.

Find out if you’ll be accepted before you apply for your thimbl. Credit Card
  • For all credit levels, from poor to excellent
  • Checking won’t affect your credit rating
  • 45.5% APR Representative (variable)
Check my eligibility
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Who can apply for a credit card?

Be aged 18 or over

Be a UK resident

Have a UK bank account and valid debit card

Be employed and have a regular income paid into your bank account

Not be bankrupt

What is a credit card eligibility check?

When you make a credit card application directly with a provider, they will run a hard search on your credit profile. This search will be visible to other providers and could remain on your file for up to 12 months. Too many hard searches over a short period of time could affect your credit score.

An eligibility check – also called a soft search - gives you an idea of how likely you are to be approved for a credit card before you apply.

A soft search will not leave a mark on your credit file and will not impact your credit score.

If pre-approved, you are under no obligation to make a full credit card application once you have your result.

From excellent to less-than-perfect, we welcome people with all different credit scores to check their eligibility for a thimbl. Credit Card.

How to make a thimbl. Credit Card application?

  1. Check your eligibility using our online application form. This should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

  2. Using the information you have provided, we’ll run a soft search eligibility check. This will not affect your credit score.

  3. In just 60 seconds, we’ll let you know if you have been pre-approved for a thimbl. Credit Card. Please note that pre-approval does not guarantee you will be accepted as you’ll still need to complete a hard credit search.

  4. If you have been pre-approved, you’ll be redirected to our partner, Vanquis Bank, where you’ll be asked for some further information. You’ll also undergo additional application checks, including a hard credit search.

  5. If Vanquis Bank are happy with their checks and approve your application, you’ll be sent a credit card agreement. Read the agreement carefully before accepting your new credit card, and be sure that you are able to afford your repayments, including interest.

  6. All set? You can look forward to welcoming your shiny new credit card to your wallet in 7-10 days.

You should stay well within your credit limit, and never spend what you can’t afford to comfortably repay.

Why choose a thimbl. Credit Card?

  • We’re partnered with credit card provider, Vanquis Bank.

  • We’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot (May 2024).

  • Tap and go: quick, contactless payments up to £100.

  • Check your credit card account from anywhere with our secure banking app.

  • The thimbl. Credit Builder Credit Card could help you take the first steps towards a healthier credit score.

  • Our Express Check eligibility checker will show you your chance of approval before you make a full application.

apply for a credit card

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You get all this with thimbl.

Tap and go

Quick and easy contactless payments up to £100.

Secure banking app

Manage your credit card online, wherever and whenever you like, with the free mobile app.

A trusted service

thimbl. is rated Excellent on Trustpilot, and we are partnered with lender Vanquis Bank.

Check my eligibility

45.5% APR Representative (variable)

Worried about money?

If you're worried about the cost of living, need support with budgeting, or think you might need debt advice, StepChange could help. They offer free and impartial support and help hundreds of thousands of people every year to deal with their debts and take control of their finances.

To find out how StepChange could help you, take the free Money Health Check. It's quick and easy to complete, and will give you a personalised recommendation on what to do next.

Credit Builder Credit Card

Over 150,000 people have already been accepted for a thimbl. Credit Builder Credit Card

thimbl credit card
Check if you're eligible with no impact to your credit score
Personalised credit limit between £500 and £1,200
Check my eligibility

45.5% APR Representative (variable)

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Frequently asked

If you've got a question, you may just find the answer you're looking for here. If not, please visit our contact us page and get in touch.

I’m struggling to make my credit card repayments, what can I do?

If you are no longer able to afford the monthly repayments on your credit card, you should contact your card provider as soon as possible to let them know.

Money worries can feel consuming, but it’s important to remember that help is available. Various websites can offer free, confidential support and advice, including Step Change, Money Helper, Citizens Advice and National Debt Line.

What is a credit limit?

Your credit limit is the maximum amount of money you are able to spend on your credit card. You should always aim to stay well within your credit card’s credit limit.

The credit limit on your thimbl. Credit Building Credit Card depends on your circumstances. The maximum starting credit limit is £1,200.

If used responsibly over time, you could be offered a credit limit increase. The maximum credit limit on the thimbl. Credit Building Credit Card is £5,000. Please be aware that Vanquis Bank will always contact you before making any changes to your credit card account, and you do not have to accept a credit limit increase if you do not feel this is right for you.

What does APR stand for, and what does it mean for credit cards?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate.

A Representative APR is the advertised rate of interest. This is the rate – or lower - that has been offered to at least 51% of customers who applied for and were approved for the credit product. You may not necessarily receive the Representative APR - the rate you receive could be higher or lower.

A personal APR is the actual amount of interest you are offered, and is based on your circumstances and credit history. This is the rate of interest you will be charged on your borrowing over the course of a year.

You will be charged interest on a monthly basis unless you pay your balance in full on time every month.

How long will it take for my credit card to arrive?

If approved, your credit card should be with you within 7-10 working days. Your PIN will be sent separately in the post.

Can I apply for a credit card with bad credit?

A low credit score could mean you’ll find it harder to be approved for credit cards. If approved, you may find you are offered a higher rate of interest and a more manageable credit limit.

Some credit cards, such as the thimbl. Credit Building Credit Card, could help you improve your credit score. When used responsibly alongside other credit-building methods, such as keeping up to date with your bills and any other credit accounts, you could see an increase in your credit score over time.

Before you apply, you may want to compare different types of credit cards to find one with the right features for you.

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