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Credit Card Eligibility Checker

How to check if you’re eligible for a credit card?

If you have a poor credit file, or little credit history, qualifying for a credit card may be difficult. Applying to many different providers could potentially mean lots of hard credit checks, which show as a hit marker on your credit file and could have an adverse effect on your credit score.

The thimbl. credit card is designed to be accessible to as many people as possible, even those with poor credit scores. Our free credit card eligibility checker means you can find out if you’re eligible using a soft credit check with thimbl’ s eligibility checker before you apply for a credit card, meaning you can check to see if you are eligible with no impact to your credit score.
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What is a credit card eligibility checker?

A credit card eligibility checker tells you whether your details match a credit card provider’s lending criteria. Therefore, it gives an indication of whether you are likely to be accepted when you submit the full application, although being eligible doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will be accepted as the credit card provider is obligated to complete additional checks such as a hard credit check.

How lenders assess your credit card eligibility

Lenders use a variety of information to determine your credit card eligibility.

  • Age and residency. You’ll need to be over 18 and resident in the UK.

  • A way of making repayments. Most lenders may require a UK bank account and debit card.

  • Affordability. They will look at your employment status, plus your income and regular outgoings to work out if you can realistically repay what you borrow.

  • Credit history. They will look at your credit file to see what you’ve borrowed in the past and how well you’ve managed your finances.

  • Credit Score. Providers will use your credit score to assess whether they are confident that you can meet at least the minimum repayments. A low or non-existent credit history can sometimes work against you.

Why you should check your credit card eligibility before applying

When you apply for a credit card, the provider will conduct a “hard search” of your credit file. This type of search is recorded on your file. Lenders might view too many searches in a short time as a sign that you are having financial problems, making them less likely to accept you.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to check your credit card eligibility before you apply. Credit card eligibility checkers only make a “soft search” of your credit file. Lenders can’t see soft searches and so they have no impact on your credit score.

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Check before you apply with thimbl.

Thimbl’s credit card eligibility checker can give you an answer within 60 seconds and without affecting your credit score. If it says you’re likely to be accepted, it’s then really easy to continue applying for a thimbl. credit card if you decide to do so.

Find out if you’ll be accepted before you apply for your thimbl.® credit card
  • For all credit levels, from poor to excellent
  • Checking won’t affect your credit rating
  • 29.5% APR Representative (variable)
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thimbl. credit card powered by Vanquis

Designed for all credit scores from poor to excellent

If you don’t have a good credit score, qualifying for a credit card can be hard, but thimbl. is designed to be inclusive of any level of credit score, from poor to excellent. You may qualify for an initial credit limit of up to £1,500, subject to affordability and eligibility. This could grow if you manage your account well.

Using thimbl. responsibly and making more than the minimum repayment each month if affordable can also help you build your credit score for the future. However, there are many factors that can affect your credit score and it’s important to stay on top of all of your accounts, ensuring you always make payments on time.

You get all this with thimbl.

  • Tap and go - Quick and easy contactless payments up to £100.

  • Secure banking app - Manage your credit card online, wherever and whenever you like, with the free mobile app.

  • A trusted service – thimbl. is rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Who can use the thimbl. credit card eligibility checker?

Anyone can check their credit card eligibility provided they are at least 18 years old and a resident in the UK and not legally restricted from credit (e.g bankruptcy).

Will checking my credit card eligibility affect my credit score?

No, when you use the thimbl. eligibility checker, only a “soft search” on your credit file is made. Other providers can’t see that the search has been done and it has no impact on your credit score. If you are eligible and then decide to go on to complete a full application for a thimbl. card, a “hard search” of your credit file is completed which will then appear on your credit file.

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Am I guaranteed to get the outcome indicated by the eligibility checker?

It’s important to remember that using a credit card eligibility checker does not guarantee the decision you will receive if you choose to submit a full application. However, if the details you have provided are accurate, then the result of your eligibility check should provide a good indication as to your chance of being accepted. If you are approved in principle, and would like to go ahead and complete your application, Vanquis Bank will need to verify your details through a hard credit check to confirm that the information you have provided is accurate.

A hard credit check will allow the card provider to check your credit history, as well as ensuring that you meet the minimum eligibility criteria of being a UK citizen, over 18 years old, with a regular income and a UK bank account.

Still not sure? Learn more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

What details do I need to provide as part of an eligibility check?

If you want to check if you’re eligible for a credit card, you’ll need to provide some details. When filling in the form for the thimbl. credit card eligibility checker you’ll need to have some basic personal and financial information to hand. This includes:

  • Personal information, such as your name, email address and date of birth;

  • Your address history covering the previous three years;

  • Details of your employment;

  • The amount of monthly income you receive;

  • The amount you are committed to spend on any outgoings each month, such as bills and childcare.

What are the next steps to get a card after checking my eligibility?

Checking for a credit card in the UK market is just the first step to getting approved. If the thimbl. credit card eligibility checker shows that you have a good chance of being approved for a card, then you can choose whether you wish to proceed with your application. If you decide that you would like to apply for a thimbl. credit card, you’ll need to read and sign a credit agreement before a hard credit check is carried out.

Subject to the outcome of this credit check, your application will either be accepted, rejected, or referred for additional information. If accepted, your card will be sent in the post shortly after and should arrive within 7-10 working days.

Learn More About thimbl. by Reading Our Frequently Asked Questions

Does checking my eligibility mean I have to apply for a credit card?
No, checking your eligibility does not mean you have to make a credit card application. At this stage you are under no obligation to continue applying if you feel that the thimbl. card is not right for you. If the checker says you’re eligible for a credit card, you can decide whether to go ahead with the application. If you are not eligible for a card you can be assured that the “soft credit check” hasn’t harmed your chances of getting credit in the future.
Does an eligibility check show up on your credit file?
Your thimbl. eligibility check will only be visible to you and will stay on your credit file for 12 months. Importantly, because the check to see if you’re eligible for a credit card is only a ‘soft’ credit search, soft credit searches aren’t visible to companies when they conduct a soft or hard search. An eligibility check “soft search” will have no impact on your credit score.
How can I improve my credit score?
It’s important to ensure you maintain payments on any credit you already have, as well as broadband and mobile accounts. There are also simple actions you can take such as registering to vote and checking your credit file for any mistakes. Learn more about how to check your credit score by clicking the link. Reputable UK Credit Reference Agencies such as Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion let you check your credit score for free and can give you tips on how to improve it.
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